The Process

If you choose to work with me you will get a lot of my time, even when we are not together.

My job is to know the right questions to ask you. The incisive questions and those that promote clarity in your thinking.  The questions that enable you to look at old information in new ways and to draw new conclusions.

While the best questions can often be spontaneous it’s well known that spontaneity takes a lot of preparation. I cannot make the correct preparation if I work with a lot of clients. Therefore, I choose to work with a few people very well and a full client list is 10 people.  Please contact me for availability.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, however it is likely that we would meet twice a month (most often by video call) for around an hour at a time. It is usual that we would set out with the intention of completing a six-month programme.

If you prefer to meet face to face then we can meet in my home office situated in Worksop, Nottinghamshire in a very private cul-de-sac. In some situations, I can come to you. Coffee shops and hotels can work well for coaching however it’s best to note that public places are generally not suitable if we are discussing anxiety.

Approximately 50% of my time is spent on coaching or preparing to coach. The rest of my time is spent consulting in areas such as stress in the workplace, communication and team dynamics through my company Leader and Teams Ltd.