My Statement of Corporate Responsibility 2022

I run a business and like all businesses I need to show a profit.  I also believe that a business can do so much more than make money.

A Statement of Corporate Responsibility is simply a declaration of how that business operates.

It may cover things such as:

  • How they give back, either to their community or to society at large
  • How they choose their suppliers
  • Green credentials

Even though the word ‘corporate’ is pushing it a bit when it comes to describing my business, I have decided that 2022 is the first year that I will publish my CSR.

My CSR 2022.

Tony Leake Coaching and Therapy exists to help people to have a better quality of life.  That can mean so much more than helping to overcome anxiety or achieving life goals.

This document sets out some ways that I am committed to helping people outside of my core business.  It focuses on working with, and contributing to, charities.  I expect that the scope of this statement will expand over time.

1 – Working with charities.

Sometimes our time can be the most valuable thing that we can give.

This year I will continue to work with The Aurora Centre, a local charity that provides care and help for people who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

I will continue to give 2 hours a week so that I can offer therapy, free of charge, to some of the people who need it. I can’t help everybody, and often have a waiting list, but I can make a dent.

2 – Giving to charities.

As much as giving time is important, charities need money to operate.  Each year I will choose a charity of the year and commit to giving to them.

This year it is the Buddy Bag Foundation. Each year 10’s of thousands of children are taken into emergency care, often as the result of domestic violence.  The BBF provides a ‘buddy bag’ full of essential items such as pyjamas, toothbrush, an age-appropriate book and toy to children when they need it most.  The feedback from the children about the positive impact this has on them is amazing.  As much as the physical items, the knowledge that there is somebody out there who cares for them and is looking out for them can stop a difficult situation becoming a major trauma.

This year I will give 10% of the profit of all of the online courses that I run to The BBF.

For now, that is the extent of my statement. I hope to expand this over time.