Coaching – The Financial Investment

The Executive Summary

Depending on what you want to achieve through coaching, your investment can start from as little as £1800. For transparency, double that is a more realistic average, and sometimes coaching becomes a long term relationship. In some ways, trying to asses the fees involved for a ‘typical’ client is meaningless. I’ve never yet met a typical person, and hope I never do.

Your investment comes with a written, money back, guarantee. As yet I’ve been unable to find another coach working in a similar space who offers any guarantees.

Usually, by the time we are at the stage discussing investment we will have had several conversations. At that point, I would be in a better place give you an individual assessment of how your personal coaching journey may evolve.

Pricing Promise

I will not enter into an agreement with you unless I believe 100% that I am able to offer significant value to you within your budget.

If I can’t do that, then I may be able to help you to find somebody who would be a good fit for you.


Pricing coaching is not like selling widgets. I’m not even selling off-the-shelf coaching programmes.  If we work together then the format, and therefore the fee, will be unique to you.

The main factor that will influence your level of investment is how often we work together.

By far, the most common schedule is one of bi-weekly sessions, each one lasting approximately 1 hour. Fees are charged monthly and not per session, so in the case of bi-weekly sessions there would usually be 2 sessions per month, and occasionally 3 depending on how the calendar falls.

It can sometimes be useful to vary the schedule. This can be for a variety of reasons, one of which can be to reduce the monthly fee.

If the schedule is varied for budgetary reasons, then it is important to remember that we cannot do the same amount of work in half the time. However, it is sometimes possible to do the same work over a longer period which is then reflected in the monthly commitment.

Factors Affecting Investment

I consider the service that offer to be a premium one.

The maximum number of clients that I will work with at any one time is 18. Most people are working on a bi-weekly schedule which means that I limit my weekly coaching time to 9 client sessions per week.  This is the level where I believe I can offer you the best service.

When you choose me as a coach I don’t just show up for our scheduled call. You become part of my life and you are often on my mind outside of our conversations.

I record, and transcribe, our sessions (with your permission of course.)  Between calls I will spend time cross refencing our previous conversations looking for clues that I may have missed.  I believe that to be an effective coach for you, then I need to know you as well as you know yourself. It takes a considerable amount of time and mental energy to get to that stage.

Added Value

In addition to our regular conversations, you may need more of my time when working through something big.  Within reason, I will provide whatever you need without any additional financial commitment.


The real answer to the question how much does coaching cost is another question:  How long is your particular ball of string?

I appreciate that would not be a very helpful response. I hope that this short document goes some way to understanding why I can’t answer more fully without knowing you better.

If you are reading this, then I’m going to assume that you are considering the idea of working with a coach. If that’s the case then give me a call.

Let’s start by finding out if we’re a good fit for each other.  If we are then we can use our combined problem-solving abilities to figure out how we can make it work for you.