Let’s have a conversation

I guarantee 100% iron-clad confidentiality right from our very first contact and I will do whatever it takes to protect your anonymity.

The work that I do is about people and relationships. A fancy website with lot of fluff gets in the way of that so I have deliberately given you an overview of what I do and no more.

If you have questions, let’s talk and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Often people contact me by text in the first instance, it’s very anonymous. After that we would usually have a pre-arranged telephone conversation. This may be very brief, sometimes as short as 5 minutes and rarely over 30.

After this our next step would be to have a more in-depth conversation, usually by video call. Within reason, I will set aside as much time for you as it takes for us to both know if we should be working together.

Telephone 07905 495202
Email  tony@tonyleake.com

If you would prefer to contact me using an independent email address (unrelated to this website) then please use tony@leadersandteams.co.uk