Reducing anxiety GUARANTEED

Prior to beginning an anxiety programme we will use a system of more than 30 metrics to assess your current experience.

We will then agree an outcome for Stage 1 – The Therapeutic Intervention. You will then be given an written guarantee that we will reach that outcome.

If at the end of this part of the process the results have not met expectation then you will have a choice to either:

  • Receive a full refund
  • Continue the process (with no further cost to you) until we have reached the intended result

The Small Print

The guarantee applies to stage 1 of the process

People are more complex than machines.

Human beings have free will and so there is no magic formula such as: Do X and the result will always be Y. Because of this the guarantee only applies to Stage 1 of the process.

I do not take on everybody who approaches me as a client. I will only agree to work with you if I have 100% confidence that I can help. If I am wrong then I am prepared to accept the responsibility for that, hence the guarantee.

Once your anxiety has been measurably reduced I effectively become your coach, your life coach for want of a better term. It now becomes even more difficult to measure progress and so impossible to offer guarantees. However it is also unnecessary.

Although we will agree a programme length at the outset you are not contractually tied into anything. You are free to withdraw at any time. I want you to continue to work with me because it is beneficial to you, and not because you signed a contract at a point in time when things were difficult.

By the time we have completed stage 1 you will be feeling better. It is likely that we will have worked together, very closely, for 2-3 months. At this point, things are much more stable and you have experience of who I am and how I work. This means that you are well placed to make the decisions to continue working with me. This renders the need for a guarantee at this stage unnecessary.

Why I may decline to take on a client

There are 3 reasons that I may decline to accept you as a client.

1 – Because I am fully booked. In order to give you the attention that I believe it takes to help you I choose to work closely with a few clients rather than filling my day with coaching calls. If I am unable to accept you at this time I will give you an indication of when I expect to have availability and you can choose to go onto a waiting list.

2 – Because I don’t believe I am the best person to help you. If you choose me as your coach then you will, in part, use your instinct to help you decide if I am the right person for you to be working with. The same has to be true from my side. I have my limitations the same as anybody else and I rely on my instinct and experience to guide me to understand if I can help you.

3 – The timing isn’t right. Often people who struggle with anxiety go through many stages of awareness before finally overcoming it. Some of those stages may include:

  • Lack of awareness. Often other people notice that we are stressed or anxious long before we do
  • Denial (I don’t have a problem it’s other people’s perception)
  • Ignore (perhaps it will go away by itself)
  • People pleasing (I don’t need help with this but I’ll get some therapy/coaching to please my partner)
  • Seek help but expecting someone else to fix the problem (give me a pill that will make this go away, or you’re the therapist so fix me)
  • Blaming other people
  • Expecting the world to change (Work is stressful and the constant change makes me anxious)
  • Acceptance and responsibility (I need to change in order for things to change)
  • Making a decision that I was not going to live like this any longer and that I would do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, until the problem no longer existed
  • Accepting help

I have worked with people who were experiencing symptoms ranging from mild, to moderate, severe and even extreme. I have not yet come across anybody who I believe cannot overcome their difficulties, however the timing has to be right.

Sometimes people contact me during the early stages of this cycle. While I will offer any help and guidance that I can, I will only accept you as a client if I am 100% confident that I can help.

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