Anxiety – The Executive Summary

Anxiety is not an illness. It is a blanket term that is usually applied if you are experiencing a combination of the following symptoms.

  • Panic attacks
  • A general feeling of dread
  • Always expecting the worst to happen
  • Feeling jumpy or on edge much of the time
  • Feeling out of control
  • Fear of cracking up
  • Physical feelings that make it difficult to focus on what you’re doing
  • A racing mind and finding it impossible to control it
  • Thoughts spiraling out of control
  • Uncharacteristic anger or emotional outbursts
  • Unable to perform to your ability in your work, and perhaps personal life
  • Being over emotional, perhaps feeling sad or overwhelmed for no obvious reason
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  • Managing symptoms is draining and nothing more than a short term fix. It is not the answer.

  • A long term sustainable solution is possible for anybody*, even those who are experiencing the most extreme symptoms.

  • Nobody can cure your anxiety for you from the outside.

  • Although this is something that you have to do for yourself, from the inside, many people benefit from having a coach to guide and support them through the process.

  • Anxiety is not a random event. It always has a cause.

  • Overcoming Anxiety is a 2 stage process:

    1. Bring the symptoms under control
    2. Track down and reverse the cause
  • My work is based on measurable results which come with a money back guarantee*.

  • While I mostly accept clients through referral from other professionals, please click the link below to arrange a conversation if you would like to self-refer.

* Please see Guarantee for further details.

What you may be experiencing

I would guess that you are not randomly reading this. You’re probably here because you are experiencing some, or all, of the above symptoms.

Perhaps you’ve always felt a little like this and it’s getting worse. Or, perhaps you used to be different and don’t understand how, or even when, things changed.

How are these symptoms affecting your life? What is it stopping you from doing? How is it affecting people around you, perhaps those who you love the most?

I’d guess there are many areas of life where you are very successful. Things that you have chosen and made happen. In many ways you are and have been the architect of your life. But this is different isn’t it? Does it feel sometimes like your thoughts are controlling you? Does it ever feel like you are emotionally hijacked against your will?

Many people say that anxiety is like having something living inside of them, or some external entity, that is controlling their thoughts and feelings. If you identify with this then once again I have 9 life changing words for you: You don’t have to live like this any longer.

Remember, this a temporary phase.

How will your life be different once you have made this a thing of the past? Really think about that for a moment. Isn’t that a better way to live?

Without knowing you, I believe that you can, and you will, overcome this. I can hold that belief after seeing so many other people’s lives improving in so many ways. You can do this alone, but if you would like somebody on the journey with you then give me a call and let’s begin a conversation.

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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are often:

  • Seemingly random
  • Uncontrollable
  • Frightening

Even a mild panic attack can be completely debilitating. At the more extreme end they can cause physical symptoms similar to those of a heart attack.

While panic attacks can be terrifying, they are not usually dangerous. However experiencing panic in certain situations, such as driving, can become dangerous. If you do experience reoccurring panic attacks then please do something about it. It may endanger yours or somebody else’s life if it were to happen at the wrong moment.

As intense as these experiences can be, they too are temporary and can be overcome. You don’t have to live like this any longer. Give me a call and let’s begin a conversation.

Please note. If you do experience chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, tightness in your arms, or any of the other common symptoms of heart problems then seek medical attention immediately.

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How can I help?

Let’s be clear. I cannot fix your anxiety for you and neither can anyone else. In the same way that a personal trainer can show you which weights to lift, it’s you who has to pick them up off the floor. Nobody else can do it for you.

You could say that it’s a journey that you go on. Remember though, it’s not something that you have to undertake alone. I’ve been on this journey with many people and understand the terrain.

May I be honest with you? It may not always be an easy ride.

This is going to challenge you, and you will have to dig deep. There will be days when it feels like plain sailing and days when it feels impossible and you’ll be tempted to give up.

I won’t let you.

The alternative to undertaking this journey is to continue to live with the same experiences that you have now, because for most people anxiety does not go away by itself.

The good news.

On this journey you will find, or build, a strength and inner resolve that is perhaps greater than you currently know about yourself.

Think of a major achievement in your life. A goal that you set and subsequently made happen. I would guess that there were challenges along the way that you could never have planned for. What happened? You figured it out and you grew to fit the challenge. You probably found that what you learned from the experience, and the person who you became, has been useful to in other areas of life too.

You’ve probably been though this cycle several times. Apply the same process to overcoming anxiety and success becomes inevitable.

I don’t claim to have ready made answers. There is no magic pill and no single piece of advice that I can give you that will make this go away. If it were that simple I would write a book and be done with it. Your anxiety is as unique as you are and the process to overcoming it must be bespoke too.

I’ve been around the block a few times with this. I was my own first client. After having to leave a successful career due to high anxiety and almost constant panic attacks, my first job was to sort out my own life.

Since then, and over the last decade, I’ve helped many other people to understand and overcome their challenges too. It is never about me giving you the answer. It’s about you and I figuring out the answer together.

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My Role

  • The observer
  • The provider of honest feedback
  • The coach
  • The guide
  • The mentor
  • Your personal support group
  • The person who will not stop until your life is working in the way that you want it to be

Your Role

  • To be open minded and coachable
  • To be willing to treat overcoming anxiety as a project
  • To be willing to dedicate time and mental resources to that project
  • To accept that it may not a straight line from here to there and to trust the process

What is the secret sauce?

There is no secret sauce and there is no magic wand.

I have a lot of experience in this field but in truth, I don’t have access to any secrets that others don’t.

The only thing that is critical to the success of this is the relationship that you and I create.

It is when 2 people are working together as equals, to solve a common goal, that the magic happens.

Selecting a coach is a very personal thing. Perhaps we will click and perhaps we won’t.

The only way for us to know is for you to to give me a call and let’s begin a conversation.

Let’s have a conversation

What I Can’t Help With

In general, I do not offer help or advice around Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

If you believe that you may be experiencing PTSD, please do something, it isn’t usually something that resolves itself.

As a first step I would recommend contacting either: