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Is anxiety affecting your daily life?

Let me introduce you to The Taming and Overcoming Anxiety Masterclass.

This 2-part masterclass will teach you the 2 missing ingredients that will break you out of the endless Cycle of Failure and move you into a Cycle of Success.

The Masterclass Consists of:

  • Two 90-minute zoom workshops as part of a small group
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Lifetime access to recordings of the live sessions
  • Additional video lessons which will enable you to continue to learn after the masterclass has ended
  • Learning from someone who has personally overcome anxiety and panic attacks, and has 10 years experience in helping other people to do the same

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Learn the cycle of success

On their own, Tools and Techniques will not help you to overcome anxiety. You will only succeed once you have the correct Strategy to apply them and the right Mindset to use them regularly.

The Circle of Failure

The Circle of Success

Your anxiety is different from everybody else’s. In this masterclass you will move into your cycle of success so that you can:

  • Feel better fast
  • Inoculate yourself against future anxiety by learning about YOUR anxiety rather than all of the generic things that you have read before
  • Start enjoying life again

When you join me on this masterclass you will learn:

  • What anxiety is and what it isn’t
  • The essential mindset that will help you to overcome anxiety and not just manage symptoms
  • The most powerful tools that will help you to feel better fast and, more importantly, how to wire them in so that they really work
  • How to understand and manage your mind and take control of your unwanted thoughts

Remember that you have the option to:

  • Turn off your camera and stay anonymous while you listen and learn
  • Turn on your camera and interact

Bonus material

In addition to the live masterclass and optional question and answer sessions you will get:

  • Video lessons of additional material that we don’t have time to fit into the two main sessions
  • Additional videos to give you more detail on important topics that we cover
  • Lifetime access to recordings of the workshops
  • 5 high quality hypnosis recordings that will help you to
    • Let go of anxious thoughts quickly
    • Take control of the way that you feel
    • Reprogram your sleep patterns
    • Regain your confidence

Hurry! Places are strictly limited. Register your place today for just £127.

Course dates:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Tue 11th January 2022

Tue 18th January 2022

Start time 3.30pm

Wed 11th January 2022

Wed 18th January 2022

Start time 7.00pm

Sat 8th Jan 2022

Sat 22nd Jan 2022

Start time 2pm

What Others Say About Tony

This course is the best thing I have ever done! Before starting I would overthink every situation which led me to have panic attacks. The course has given me the techniques, which I practice daily now, to help me manage the situations where I would feel anxious. Tony is amazing and explains everything so everyone can understand. He also gives examples so you can relate it to real-life which I found really helped. In the course, you are taught relaxation techniques and some hypnosis, which has really helped me as relaxing was something I found very difficult. I feel like a new person with a whole new outlook after this course, and even my partner has noticed a difference in my behaviour. If you want to take back control of your life this is the course for you!!

Claire - Cleethorpes

If you have been struggling with anxiety and you really want to change your life and take back control this is the course for you. After 6 short weeks, I feel I have the tools to be able to manage the panic attacks and anxiety I was experiencing before, and I feel so much more confident now.

Course attendee

Absolutely all of the content was exactly what I needed, I really enjoyed actually making time for myself. I enjoyed the idea of maintenance on myself, this covers a broad range. Firstly what stood out for me was to work on one thing consistently, I tend to flit between different things, so very helpful. A few small changes over time equals massive changes.

Laura Loy

I liked the blend of anecdotes and humour mixed in with information. I liked the practical and theoretical and appreciated the honesty. I felt comfortable and relaxed and never felt “put on the spot”. The course stretched me and caused me to examine and explore my beliefs and learn more about myself but also gave me the courage to try new techniques and form new thought patterns I never felt I was being hurried or wishing I was doing something else. For the duration of the sessions I was able to totally concentrate and clear my mind The sessions gave me clarity and renewed vitality

Maggy - Retford

I was going through a terribly difficult time and it gave me immediate methods to ease my anxiety. In this short time I have made huge strides in controlling my thinking.
And thank you Tony. I am sleeping better than I have in ages!

Fiona - Lincoln

Good balance between serious and controlled but light-hearted! Things delivered in a simple way, clarify things as we go on! First time I’ve been able to do belly breathing in all the times I’ve tried. Professional but not too much.

Course Attendee

Since our initial meeting many years ago, Tony has always been there for me when I neededhim.

A couple of years ago I had a seizure whilst walking in town on my own.  Although I couldn’t be hypnotised, using other techniques,  Tony gave me back my confidence to be able to go out again without the panic attacks. Likewise when I got my driving licence back, and having not driven due to the pandemic,  Tony again worked his magic.  I am now comfortable being behind the wheel again. 

I have no idea how he does it, but Tony has opened up my world on several occasions. I can deal with most situations now, but can use the coping mechanisms he has taught me, just in case things get a bit much. Thank you, Tony, for letting me live my life to the full!

Viv - Yorkshire

Overview of the course

Building a Strong Foundation

My aims for you this week are very simple:

  • Finish our time together feeling better than when you started
  • Understand what anxiety is and what it isn’t
  • Understand the relationship between stress and anxiety
  • Understand that you are not going crazy, you are not broken and you are not alone

Specifically, we will cover:

  • What are stress and anxiety, and why you should care
  • We will practice what may be the best stress management tool you will ever learn. We will also discuss the science of why it works so well and so fast.
  • You will learn and practice self-hypnosis as a way to help you feel calm and relaxed anytime and in just 2-minutes
  • A fast and powerful tool that will help you to neutralise any anxious feelings FAST!
  • Do you ever have a critical voice inside your mind? Maybe one that causes you to doubt yourself, or sabotage you. By the end of this workshop you’ll have a powerful tool that will help you to neutralise it forever
  • You will learn the strategies to really make these things work in your life
  • We will finish off with a tool that has been around forever, yet known by few. This simple idea is documented to have been used by a Roman Emperor, a President of The United States and others to help them cope during times of war and other hugely stressful situations. It will help you to feel calm and press the reset button no matter what is going on around you.

Take Control of Your Thinking

Have you ever felt that your thoughts were controlling you rather than the other way around?

We all think, yet few people spend time thinking about their thinking and the role that it plays both on the way that we feel as well as our overall wellbeing.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Understanding your own thinking and the role that it plays in how you feel
  • How to spot the most common thinking patterns that contribute to feeling anxious and what you can do to change them
  • How habits are formed and how to create new and more empowering ones
  • Strategies that will help to allow you to become the Boss of Your Brain, the Master of Your Thought and ultimately the Architect of Your Own Happiness

Bonus Lesson
Sleep better- Live better

Sleep and lifestyle are very important topics when it comes to taking control of anxiety. Unfortunately, there isn’t time to cover these complex topics during these workshops. Instead I’ve decided to share with you a recording from a previous workshop.

This lesson consists of over 2 hours of video content where we cover 2 very important topics:

  • Breaking the cycle of poor sleep, and how to teach your mind and body to sleep well again. Imagine waking and feeling more rested than usual. What difference will that make as you start your day?
  • The part that lifestyle plays in feeling at your best. You probably find that on days when you’re feeling good, your anxiety is less. We will look at ways to make sure that you’re always feeling as good as you can.

In the recordings I also answer, in depth, the question from a delegate about how to deal with panic attacks.

I finish the session with a live hypnosis session.

If you ever feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders you’re going to love the live hypnosis session that we do at the end of the workshop.

I’ll help you to put that weight down. Often, people talk about feeling lighter after listening to this. Having the spring back in their step. As you know, when you feel that way, life just becomes more pleasant. Everything just seems easier to deal with.

Of course, you’ll have access to an mp3 recording of the hypnosis session so that you can continue to benefit from it for years to come.

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