Overcoming Anxiety Hypnosis Recordings

Important information about these recordings 

You may notice that the recording will play for a few minutes and then another voice will start to talk in the background. The other voices will fade out after a few moments and will return later on.

Some people focus on the main voice, others try to hear what the 2nd (and 3rd!) voices are saying. Some people prefer to listen to the music and ignore the voices. There is no right or wrong way to listen so do whatever works best for you.

If you find it a little strange at first, that’s ok but do try to persevere with it. A (very) few people find that it’s to off-putting. If you prefer, you can download the alternative version of the file instead which only contains one voice. 



Recording 1. Mindset Reset

Recording 2. Take Control of Anxiety

Recording 3. A Mindset Reset (Single Voice)

Recording 4. Take Control of Anxiety (Single Voice)