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  • Recording 1: A Mindset Reset will help rid you of intrusive thoughts, it’s the mental equivalent of rebooting your computer or phone when it’s not quite running at 100%.

  • Recording 2: Take Control of Your Anxiety will give you more confidence, help you feel more optimistic and encourage you to be happier.

  • Banish intrusive thoughts

  • Feel more confident
  • Be more optimistic
  • Feel more alive
  • Be happier
  • Hit the mental ‘reset’ button

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You Can’t Stop Thinking. Don’t Even Try

So many times I hear people say “if only I could stop thinking for a while I’d find some peace of mind.”

Your brain is a thinking machine. It’s what it was designed for and it’s good at it.

With a lot of effort and vigilance, you might be able to stop thinking about that report you have to finish at work tomorrow.

However, soon your less than helpful brain reminds you about something else you would rather not be thinking about right now.

If you’ve ever played the game Whack a Mole in an amusement arcade you’ll know exactly what I mean.

There is a model of a garden and you are given a rubber mallet. You put your money in and after a few seconds, a plastic mole appears out of a hole.

Your job is to whack him with the mallet before he disappears and you score a point. As soon as you do then another mole appears, and another and another.


So many you can’t keep up.

At least with Wack a Mole they stop coming when your allotted time runs out.
It’s not the same with thoughts is it?

Three Kinds of Intrusive Thoughts

1.The things that you really do need to think about. Just not now.

The thoughts that you’d like to press the snooze button on. Things that you need to do. People who you need to contact. Planning. Budgeting. These are all important things, but they are just not what you want to be thinking about as you’re trying to relax or get to sleep.

2. Anxious thoughts that you don’t want to think about. Ever.

Things that you can’t do anything about. Those thoughts of the worst possible outcome playing over and over again. Awefulising or Catastrophising as it’s also known.

These thoughts are really damaging. They keep you awake when you’re trying to sleep. They cause you to worry when you are awake. They make you feel terrible most of the day.

3. Ghost Thoughts

Ghost-like because they don’t have any form. More of a feeling than a thought. You may not even know what it’s about but you know that you don’t want it.

Some people call it nervousness. Others call it a sense of impending doom. Others still are more metaphorical and talk about a general sense that the sky is going to falling. Whatever you call them they are harmful to your well-being.

They affect your ability to think clearly. Your ability to rest. Your ability to sleep. Your peace of mind. The good news is that they are much easier to manage than you have previously imagined.

If you’ve ever had a stone in your shoe then you know the experience of feeling something that shouldn’t be there. Anxiety is just like a stone in your shoe. You can try to ignore it. You can try to distract yourself by listening to music and turning it up really loud. You can wear thick socks. If you are really persistent you could even wear 2 pairs of really thick socks, but it doesn’t change anything the fact that you’re living with discomfort unnecessarily.

I’ve created the hypnotic equivalent of that for you. Only instead of removing a stone, it will help you to get those anxious thoughts and feelings out of your mind and body.  It’s called A Mindset Reset and it’s exactly that. A reboot for busy mind.

After listening people tell me that they feel ready for anything. Some say that it’s like a weight has been lifted, others that it’s like feeling fully awake for the first time in a long time. Some even say that it feels like spending a day at the spa which is quite amazing for something that only takes 20 minutes. I am giving you this today for just £6.67.

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Is that the best that life gets, an absence of anxiety?

(Bonus Material)
No, no, no,no no!!!

Life isn’t just about an absence of feeling bad. It’s more than feeling OK or feeling neutral.

What about the great feelings that life has to offer?

Would you like to:

Feel more confident?
Have more optimism?
More motivation?
Feel more alive?
Or just more happiness?

What if you could turn these up whenever you needed to. What if you could choose how you want to feel? What is the most appropriate emotional state for whatever you are doing right now?

Sometimes it’s great to feel excited, but not if you have had a busy day and want to chill. Sometimes it’s great to feel relaxed and like you don’t have a care in the world, but not if you’ve got a deadline you’re working on and need to get going.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose?

That’s why I created this bonus experience for you.

If the first experience taking the stone out of your shoe this one is getting more comfortable shoes.

Why wouldn’t you give yourself that gift? The gift of learning to reprogram your mind for a better future.

Your Investment in Yourself

So until I figure out how much these are really worth
For a limited time I’m going to give you both recordings for just £6.67.

This is just for a limited time until I change my mind.

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How well do these really work?

I’m not going to promise you that listening to recordings, even ones using advanced technology that these do will have the same effect as a 6-week one-on-one hypnotherapy programme. These do not equate to a 6-month intensive anxiety coaching programme that has been built from the ground up exactly for your needs. How could they?

People tell me that after listening to these powerful audios something
magical happens. Something life-changing.

They FEEL better.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Who cares if your SuperEgo has made friends with your ID, if you’ve resolved inner conflicts, made peace with your past?

I’m very confident that you will feel better too. So confident that I’m going to give you a money-back guarantee.

Why wait? Grab these powerful recordings and start to feel better today!

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Just to be safe….

These recordings contain binaural beats and other recording effects. To be safe you should not listen to them if you suffer from epilepsy.

One-on-one hypnosis is often OK for people who are diagnosed as being Bipolar or with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) If you have been diagnosed with either of these conditions, or are under the care of a mental health practitioner, please contact your medical professional before listening.

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